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YAML files located in app/config configure the entire system based on parameters and services. The filename matches the application's environment name (see Kernel constructor):

  • app/config/web.yml configures Web (HTTP) applications bootstrapped in web/app.php
  • app/config/console.yml configures command-line applications bootstrapped in app/console

These files are in the same format you know from Symfony. In addition to the regular services, they also contain the actual application as a service:

    class: Symlex\Application\Web
    public: true

This provides a uniform approach for bootstrapping Web (Symlex\Application\Web) and command-line (Symfony\Component\Console\Application) applications with the same kernel.


If debug mode is turned off, the service container is cached in storage/cache/. You have to run app/clearcache after updating the configuration. To disable caching completely, add container.cache: false to app/config/parameters.yml*