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Performing Search Queries


EntityDao::search() accepts the following optional parameters to limit, filter and sort search results:

table: Table name

table_alias: Alias name for "table" (table reference for join and join_left)

cond: Search conditions as array (key/value or just values for raw SQL)

count: Maximum number of results (integer)

offset: Result offset (integer)

join: List of joined tables incl join condition e.g. array(array('u', 'phonenumbers', 'p', ' = p.user_id')), see Doctrine DBAL manual

left_join: See join

columns: List of columns (array)

order: Sort order (if not false)

group: Group by (if not false)

wrap: If false, raw arrays are returned instead of DAO instances

ids_only: Return primary key values only

sql_filter: Raw SQL filter (WHERE)

id_filter: If not empty, limit result to this list of primary key IDs

Result Object

When calling search() on a EntityDao or EntityModel, you'll get a SearchResult instance as return value. It implements ArrayAccess, Serializable, IteratorAggregate and Countable and can be used either as array or object with the following methods:

getAsArray(): Returns search result as array

getSortOrder(): Returns sort order as string

getSearchCount(): Returns search count (limit) as integer

getSearchOffset(): Returns search offset as integer

getResultCount(): Returns the number of actual query results (<= limit)

getTotalCount(): Returns total result count (in the database)

getAllResults(): Returns all results as array of EntityDao or EntityModel instances

getAllResultsAsArray(): Returns all results as nested array (e.g. to serialize it as JSON)

getFirstResult(): Returns first result EntityDao or EntityModel instance or throws an exception