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Acceptance Tests

A ready-to-use TestCafe test suite for acceptance tests is located in frontend/tests/acceptance/:

/var/www/html# make test-acceptance
Running acceptance tests in Chromium headless...

> symlex-frontend@0.0.0 test-chromium /var/www/html/frontend
> testcafe "chromium:headless" tests/acceptance --reporter spec

 Running tests in:
 - HeadlessChrome 73.0.3683 / Linux 0.0.0

 change password page
 ✓ View change password page

 edit profile page
 ✓ View edit profile page

 ✓ View Homepage

 ✓ Login

 ✓ Logout

Note that you need to have TestCafe installed locally to run this outside the Docker container. The main config file is frontend/tests/acceptance/testcafeconfig.json.