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Acceptance Tests

A ready-to-use Codeception test suite for acceptance tests is located in app/codeception/:

/var/www/html# bin/codecept run
Codeception PHP Testing Framework v2.4.5
Powered by PHPUnit 6.5.12 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

Acceptance Tests (8) --------------------------------------------
✔ HomeCest: Open homepage (2.35s)
✔ HomeCest: Login (7.66s)
✔ HomeCest: View register form (2.85s)
✔ HomeCest: Check links on welcome page (14.70s)
✔ UserCest: Logout (7.67s)
✔ UserCest: View users page and forms (12.46s)
✔ UserCest: View edit profile page (7.26s)
✔ UserCest: View change password page (6.45s)

Time: 1.1 minutes, Memory: 12.00MB

OK (8 tests, 25 assertions)

Codeception's main config file is codeception.yml in the project directory.